What are notqmail's goals?

We'll trade away other things to get these.

We prioritize:

  • Preserving qmail's hard-earned security properties
  • Implementing new features (or alternatives to core components) as "extensions"
  • Adding interfaces and seams, where needed, to make extensions possible
  • Encouraging multiple initial implementations of X, for any X
  • Following consensus, merging the best aspects into one implementation
  • Providing sensible defaults and easily configured runtime options
  • Providing a safe update path for qmail and netqmail users
  • Providing safe, easy, regular updates for notqmail users
  • Gradually reducing the marginal cost of developing notqmail
  • Being easily packaged by OS integrators
  • Meeting all common needs with OS-provided packages
  • Earning community trust as the authoritative open-source successor to qmail and netqmail

What are notqmail's non-goals?

We'll trade very little of these to get other things.

We wish to avoid:

  • Breaking compatibility
  • Breaking existing features of the architecture
  • Breaking your patches more than necessary
  • Modifying or replacing core components

Given the reasons qmail is valuable to us, the cost of a change that exhibits any of the preceding non-goals is high. Proposing one such change will require unusually strong justification, documentation, testing, and design. For the community to accept such a change, the risk must be demonstrably very low and the benefit very high.